After The Birth

By Chris Hinkley

A Postpartum Support Company

Meet Our Team

​Chris is our founder and CEO. With over 20 years in the postpartum field, she serves families in the Las Vegas valley, and travels nation wide to sleep train. read her complete bio  here
  1. Charity Atlanta GA
    Charity began working in the postpartum field in 2016, although this career path is more recent, she is no stranger to caring for infants. Growing up as 1 of 8 children she cared for her 5 younger siblings on a regular basis. She has also raised 4 children of her own, all breastfed. Her motherly instinct and passion for infants made this career shift a logical choice. Trained by Chris Hinkley at After The Birth, an NCSA approved course, and spending almost a year under her guidance, Charity has worked with singletons, twins and preemie twins. Assisting the moms with breastfeeding challenges, scheduling and sleep training. Charity is originally from Georgia, but grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico as a child of missionaries. Besides English, she speaks fluent Spanish. She comes from a back ground of being a medical office manager. Living in the Atlanta area with her husband of more than 22 years, and her younger 3 children, she cares for moms and families in the Atlanta area and travels the east coast sleep training. She has a heart and a passion to help new moms with their growing families, and she would love to come alongside you and help yours!
  2. Dianne Las Vegas NV
    Dianne has been married for over 32 years and is the mother of 2 adult children. Dianne relocated to Las Vegas from New York in 2007. She spent two years being mentored and trained under guidance of DONA (Doulas Of North America) and became a certified Postpartum Doula. Since then she was mentored by Sleeping Newborns and studied Newborn Care, becoming a Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist with the NCSA. We are excited that Dianne has joined forces with After The Birth and undergone training in the Mommywise program. Dianne’s years of training and over 10,000 baby hours has earned here the nickname of “Baby Guru”. She brings a quiet confidence and knowledge that new moms really appreciate. Dianne is well experienced with singles and multiples, preemies, adoption and surrogacy, postpartum mood disorders, breastfeeding issues, Reflux issues, jaundice, circumcision care, sleep issues and scheduling.
  3. Terri Orange County CA
    Terri has been providing families with exceptional service as a postpartum doula since 1996. She has a passion for what she does, and it comes across in her work ethic. Her clients love her! She specializes in helping parents get that much needed rest through nighttime care and feeding. When its time, she will get the baby to sleep through the night for you too! Terri has been trained by some of the best lactation specialists and is more than capable to troubleshoot breast feeding issues as they come up. She is also able to detect and assist in the care of many common problems, such as food allergies, reflux, rashes, postpartum depression and more. Terri has been married for over 36 years, raised 5 children of her own including a set of identical twins, and has 8 grand kids. During her twenty plus years as a doula, Terri has worked for hundreds of families and taken care of dozens and dozens of multiples! She has both the knowledge and experience to teach the parents of twins the importance of raising twins as twins and not as singletons. No matter if you have multiples or a single, Terri can teach and coach you on recognizing your baby’s cues, connecting with your baby, scheduling both day and night, breast feeding issues, bathing, calming, sleep training and so much more. She is truly a loving mother to the new mother. She loves what she does and feels that this is truly her calling in life and can’t imagine doing anything else!