After The Birth

By Chris Hinkley

Help for the Postpartum period

About Chris Hinkley, founder of  After The Birth​

Chris is a native of Southern California and lived there until 2015 when she and her husband relocated to Henderson Nevada.

She began her doula career in Las Vegas in 2011 while caring for her mother. Her heart grew for the moms of Las Vegas because of a lack of trained and certified postpartum workers 

Chris began her career as a doula in 1997 after leaving the nursing field. She went to work for an amazing Doula service company where she quickly became a favorite of clients. In 2005 she left that company and formed SoCal Doulas, a group of likeminded women who love working with newborns and mentoring young Parents.  Her passion is to do the same for the Parents in Las Vegas through After The Birth. 
​Chris is trained through CAPPA, DONA, Gentle Ventures, Sleeping Newborns and Mommywise

In 2013 Chris began training as a Birth Doula with CAPPA, and traveled to Bali Indonesia to study under Ibu Robin Lim, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Katherine Bramhall at the Bumi-Sehat Foundation thru DONA. She assisted in several births in Indonesia, and several more in Orange County CA.  But it soon became apparent that being on call for a birth and providing scheduled postpartum care didn’t match up well. So, Birth Doula is no longer offered
Prior to becoming a Doula, Chris worked in the nursing field for 18 years. In hospital settings, in home pediatric care, and private Doctors offices.
Personally, she married her Mr. Wonderful in 1985, and has raised three fine sons.
​She was a cub scout den leader for 8 years, has taught Sunday school, been a member of the PTA, volunteered for countless school activities and a foster parent for a pair of siblings waiting to be reunited with their parents.

As your postpartum care provider, Chris can:
·         Provide you with practical and informed advice
·         offer emotional support
·         Assist with Bonding
·         ​Help with lactation issues
·         ​Teach calming techniques
·         teach you how to read your babies Ques
·         ​Help with scheduling
·         Assist with siblings
·         Sleep training
·         ​Educate dad to help
·         And so much more!
·         Experienced with multiples and preemies
·         Experienced with Jewish customs
·         ​I am often asked what technique I will use. I believe that every baby is different and as such there is no one size fits all approach. From my years of experience and ongoing training I will seek out the methods that will best suit you and your baby.

Chris Hinkley and her three sons!