After The Birth

By Chris Hinkley

Help for the Postpartum period

In Home Sleep Training / Coaching

Your baby needs sleep, & so do you!

Are you exhausted? so tired that not even a pot of coffee could help you?
Has it been so long that you don't remember what a good night's sleep feels like?
Now, imagine your child sleeping through the night, waking up happy, and going to sleep without a fuss.
and you? well, you sleep all night, every night!
This dream can be a reality, in just 72 hours!
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Every baby is unique and therefore may not bend to the will of a "how to get your baby to sleep" book.​​
On line coaching that only spends a handful of hours on video chat with you, doesn’t know your baby’s personality.
and neither will be there to help you in the middle of the night!
In our opinion, in-home coaching provides the best option for lasting success with the shortest disruption. We will be there right alongside you, every step of the way.. We guarantee success!
After the Birth only utilizes an in-home sleep coaching style. Chris Hinkley has studied and used many different approaches over the years. always with great results.
Chris has studied under Natalie Nevares and Devon Clement. she is Nevada's only Mommywise certified sleep coach
Chris has personally trained all her sleep coaches to guarantee the same results every time.​
If you are ready to see if sleep training with us is right for you, Schedule a complimentary sleep assessment now.​​
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72 hour sleep coaching is available Nationwide

Sleep coaching includes 72 hours in-home coaching.  And 4 weeks of unlimited support.